Whispers in the Wind.Mature

She is always there,

Always there.

Majestically  soaring through the sky,

Whispering secrets through the trees.


Her mischievous laughter


Down the street as she chases fallen

Leaves on pavement.


Dancing, dancing.

Singing, singing.

She flies through the clouds,

Her fingertips pushing the waves at sea.


As she spins,

Fragments of nature attaches to her skirt,

Spiralling as fast and free as her

As they try to get closer.


She is strong and sharp,

Pulling up giant oaks from their roots.

She is soft and gentle, lightly playing with your hair.

She is the cool kiss on a hot summers day.


She blows kisses

To the people,

Giving them



In summer time,

She is the cool embrace.

In winter time, she has her fun, freezing all who venture

To the world outside with her icy, bitter, breath.


Making their teeth chatter, and their noses redder than any rose.

She plays with their hair,

Giving them unique styles,

All whilst singing in their ears.


Over and over,

Again and again.

She flies and glides through the sky,

Laughing as she looks down at the world below her.

The End

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