Nymph of the Great Oak.Mature





That is what she is.


Her presence is

Large and strong, yet blissfully free.

She dances with the wind as her partner.

She sways this way


And that,

Gently gracing the world

Below with her

Multi-coloured leaves.



Her laughter travels through the trees,

Bringing the forest

To life with her song.


Vibrant greens,

Gorgeous golden and red leaves

Are the colours of her own

Personal festival.


The animals of the forest

Follow her as she skips around,

Flowers appear

In her light footprints.


She shelters

Passers-by from the cruel rain

And she looks after the birds young when the mother is away.

She is the protector.


The music of the forest

Is her melody.

She spins, swishing her skirt

As petals fall from her loose hair.

She is life.


Her hands stroke the trunks of neighbouring trees,

Her hair flying with the breeze.

Her toes sink into the soil,

The circle of life turns with her every breath.


She is playful, she is fun.

She is life which grows in the sun.

She is beauty, she is pure.

The End

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