Gone Because of Me.Mature

Slipping through my fingers,

Gone from sight.

Fees like a stars outgoing light.


With you gone, I don’t know what to do.

Everything that I am means nothing to you.


Feeling alone, longing for you to be here.

I shall always regret you not being near.


It’s my fault you’re missing from our lives.

There’s so many things that you’ll never see,

All because you were born with me.


Ever since I was born, things started to go wrong.

People expect me to move, to be strong.


But it gets harder as the days go by.

I can’t even begin to explain why.


So many things I wish I could say.

If only you were here today.


We could sit on the grass

And watch the world rush by

If only death would let me give it one more try.


I can’t keep pretending anymore

I can feel the hurt growing in my soul,

Guess that’s just the joke of life’s toll.


An invisible thread is pulling straight from my heart.

You leaving was just the start.


He was sent away.

And she left too.


People keep leaving me behind.

I’m fed up with trying to stay kind.

All of this is messing with my mind.


Those I love always become lost,

But never found.


You are gone and aren’t ever coming back.


You’ve left me here.


I feel so alone.


I just want you to come back,

And stay at home.

The End

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