My poem to the forgotten

Ever thought to yourself about all those people who sit in their graves with no one left to visit them.I have ,so I wrote you guys this poem. It's my first so give me advice where possible.
Inspired by Emilie Autumn and the souls who are now lonely in their graves.
You're still loved and were never forgotten.

Beautiful souls of the long lost dead

Not in heart or in head

Forgotten with time's exposure

I'm here to give you closure

War heroes who fought fought all their life

Dodging bullet and the knife

Left alone in the ground to corrode

Now lifeless, gone and old

Media's biggest stories, now used and done

The murder and murdered with compassion now none

You shed tears for them now so sadly

But in months or years would you care so badly?

So I write this poem to the out of mind and say the truth

Even if it's mean or uncouth

That even with all you've gotten

It's likely you'll be forgotten.

The End

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