My Piano

Lay my body on the piano keys
Please, just listen closely and maybe you can hear the unknown
Camouflage I do a lot, but when I lay on these keys
Apart of me is allowed to breath
Melt into the harmonies
Dissolve into the heart of the "piano"
Rest easy,
Grab a glimpse of sanity from this world.
See my body causes heat waves to connect with this voice
Defining my definiton,
Collectin my sanity
Bringin me back from where I shouldnt be...
Disconnects me from the lust and my errors
Everythin authenic on this keys of ivory and ebony,
Nothin transparent, I can touch it, breathe it
Love it and enjoy it
These keys were a gift from God
From the highest octave to the lowest note.
My tears are on each and every note
Im in control of this storm of flats, sharps and naturals
No one is allowed into my cherished treasure
I wont allow my pleasure of my flesh or lust to get in either
I wont let words in either
I wont let them speak to me,
I wont even let in my other personalities
I'm only human, just like you,
Its just me, my Lord and my "piano"...
Im learnin, thats all I need in this world
To not allow human's word to influence me
But to trust the Word of God,
because it gives me,
my "piano" that allows
my body to breath
through Jesus Christ

Deep... Think about it.... Its not, it just my reality

The End

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