My Philosophy

The bland air that wipes across the grass, and carries with it my heart,

It beats within the electric blue nail polish slathered on my fingertips,

It is me

The flower that bloom, white and pure on polluted roads, I will find it

Look, listen, hear, the sound of drums, like heartbeats growing from the ground,

Look beyond the fog that clouds the crying eyes,

Beneath the sun and moon,

As the beauty dies and the world goes black,

I look beyond the stars that dimly shine like flickering bacons in a black river,

Burning against nature,

What I see only I can see, and I’ll show it to you,

As the breeze carries my frail heart and the ground speaks of war.


I will look for those pure white flowers, and smile as they adorn my hair,

Through the pollution, the black dirt, the blood,

The flowers will bloom forever, or till I come to an end

And if your eyes fall upon them, and look deeply, they'll wash away the dirt,

Look, find seek, explore, and change the years to strength, walk on

It is for you. 

This life is just your world, your sun, your moon, your sky,

Smile, because it is yours,

And cry only when it over

For those flowers that beautifully bloom in your electric blue palm...

Forever a memory in my heart.

The End

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