My Personal Geek

being the personification of my geeky hubby's dream. I tried to use it to my advantage in a contest.

  Auburn colored hair highlighted with copper strands
Follows the graceful arch and line of neck.
The eye travels this alabaster plane,
Now focused on the tattooed chest.

  Interest sparked, your questioning eyes meet mine.
When they do, you fall anew into a liquid pool of wonder.
Floating amid a sea of glittering mahogany sands
A waving hand before your face returns you to the smile.

  The way the eyebrows bunch and pull
Into a bemused and gently mocking smile,
Sends you off into a tizzy.
You’re not trained in the art of a lady’s guile.

  The softly intensifying crimson
Playing out upon your face
Almost breaks the tension
Your insecurities have placed.

  So to climb around them
And make sure they are gone,
The hands of which you’ve often dreamt
Guide your face close to mine
As together we discover a rapture so divine.

The End

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