My Past at the Door

The girl that is trying to move on and cut loose her past, but her first love has come to find her and possibly reunite. She is scared and nervous as she doesn't know how to act or feel.

My heart is beating  a million times a minute

Every memory we passed runs faster than seconds

I remember each painful day I tried to dull

Even when you held me to sleep and lulled to me

Your laughter is seizing my heart

And I think each moment of the great love of start

My mind is in a remarkable speed

I couldn't even breathe

You say your outside my door

After getting over you my heart was to the floor

Surprising me, was the craziest thing

Our relationship had passed like a fling

So you tell me, after so long this is weird

You had even grown a beard

Maybe I still love you after so long you had gone

But today I am a remnant and reminising on the past that has haunt my present door.

The End

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