My Other Half

We have been searching for each other our whole lives
But the Gods, in their cruelty they garner with guilt
Set our paths with sworn angst of a deliberate pain
we need each other, we crave each other
We have never met but we know each other
better than we know ourselves

She would be the cure
of my melancholia
No more heart ache or disappointment
You are my heart
You are my soul
You are my other half

When the oceans swell with burdens they relate
rising and falling with each heartbeat of our collective body
So incomplete we feel as we are hurt
each bringing us closer together
Under the swing of the pendulum
we gamble on luck alone
when the stakes are higher

I know I am the darker half
Pride of cynicism and bitterness
But you are the sunshine upon the black seas
where I am stranded
where I am searching for you

You are the moonlight to my perpetual midnight
Your tears which I wish I could cry
We will share our sorrows and bring forth
the joy we have sought for so many years
Flames in my icy heart
to awaken a Love
I thought was long since dormant

Alone we are feeble and wrought with sombre thoughts
but together we are the perfection that even the Gods could not achieve
I feel you
every time I look to the stars
I count my prayers
where our eternities are coalesced
We will never need anyone
Just each other
We will become whole
I am you
You are me
We will become whole
You are my other half...

The End

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