My Only Friend

People don't like you, but I do.

You make humans crippled, you make babies cry,

you make grown men weep,

you bring the strong to their knees.


I've spent my entire life on the ground.

Here, I found



To me, you are neither cruel nor cold.

You are gentle.

You wrap your arms around me,

you settle inside me.

You are my friend.

You are my feeling.

You are the only thing that keeps me from being completely



You don't ask questions.

You let me be, 

you let me breathe

without a sound.


With you, I feel like I am on top of the world,

where others tremble to touch you,

I stand and hold your hand,

on the brink of the edge of forever,

you are the only thing that reminds me

I haven't tumbled over,




You make me beautiful.

The End

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