My Omer Daddy Is Alive

They were always jokes Just silly lies

Untill one day to my surprise

The man I never knew or loved

Was at my door wanting kisses and hugs

He sat me down in my own house

And told me of his journeys

I cried and laughed; I laughed and cried

But nothing on earth could sooth me

Who is this man that claims to be

The one and only father for me

The tales my mom had told me are true

And sitting there looking at you

I realized dad that it could be

Your nose, my nose fit perfectly

I sit and watch as you fidget and breathe

Noticing the littlest things

Did you just take off your hat

For no good reason then put it back

Did you know that I do that

And your brown eyes look just like mine

With little dark swirls and hazel lines

Our facial expressions are always in sinc

And talking to you is like talking to me

Don't ask me how I think I know

That you are mine and I must go

Back to your house to live with you

'Cause frankly, pop, I have no clue

Just let me say good-bye to them

My fake family have become friends

In your town we will arrive

My Omer Daddy Is Alive

The End

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