My Odd Chemistry Teacher

Inspired by a chemistry tutor of mine. We all have those really great teachers we never forget ^^

I once had a teacher who told to me

"Chemistry is a complex subject you see"

"It's about all of matter - big and small"

"Now I wonder if you know it all"


"Worry not, I'm here to help"

"And not to see you cry or whelp"

And he went on and on - boy he was good

I reckon he could be a professor, and he should.


He preached about concepts from chemistry and life

Pointing out my errors; he was sharp as a knife

But at the end of the lesson, he would hurry to leave

Like a child running home, on Christmas eve.


So when I first saw him, I thought I'd flunk

For he walked with a shuffle, and - oh boy - he stunk

But it seemed it was to be, for only a day

For never again did I think I would pay


For the one with the cheeky smile, and knowledge abound

To come and teach me, yet another round

And I payed to learn more, for he inspired me

To love chemistry, and be the best I could be.

The End

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