My Night Mind #2

this isnt very good, it was written at about 3am

If youre thinking too much
And not doing enough
Grab a pen and a notepad
Become something more
Be more then a student
Be more then another mindless minion of this world cause we know copys are a bore
Nows the time to Voice your opinion
Because one day the world will end
And there will be no one left
No one to remember your mistakes,
No one to remember that you were always late
No one to judge you off of how much you ate
The things you do now
Wont last forever
So why not try something new
Cause a little trouble
Disobey the authorities
Dye your hair red, purple, or blue
But dont sit there covered in dirt and grime
Or just think about what you could do
Because when you can no longer move
You mourn all the missed opportunities of your lifetime


The End

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