My Night

Just me, discovering my true poetry style!

Clouds, spun silver laced over midnight blue-black velvet,

Sky rains down stars like a shower of shattered crystal droplets,

The delicate loops of time collapse,

A downward spiral,

A rainfall of stars and numbers and blood,

Leaves edged with gold curl tendrils around the face of the clock,

Choke and strangle it, pull away the numberals scarring its face,

Cold pane of glass splintered beyond enchantment, cursed beyond repair,

Haze of smoke hangs over the clock's face like a veil,

Separate it from the mortal world,

As it hangs on the crumbling red-grey bricks,

As the wall is eroded under its ever-present curse,

Healing the scars and welts so that they can be torn open again,

We die tangled in the endless chain...

The End

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