My New Day...

It's about how I feel when I am having a bad day.

Waiting in the darkness

for yet another day

but disappointments are all that I face

as the night breaks into a new day.

Uncleaned wounds, throbbing in my heart

reminding me of what I've faced

In this place called earth and yet

with new hopes I wait for a new day.

New people surround me everyday with smiles,

And all I wonder is can I face

again those fake smiles, selfish acts of care

As I fall into their traps again

Waiting for a new day.

As days pass into years of darkness,

And as  I finally learn to survive

turning into a hypocrite wearing those fake smiles

I once despised, waiting for a new day.

I know I've turned like those around me,

being stuck in their endless web of plastic bonds

Covering myself with those masks of pretense

Since I am done waiting for my new day.

The End

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