|Props to my amazingly talented brother for writing this. All credit goes to him; just felt like sharing. Enjoy ya'll.|

Hello. My name is penelope, Im one of God's angels. I suffer from an obsessive compulsive disorder. Yes i hid my disorder from Gods construction committee.. Go ahead and judge me. If i put it on the application form, i never would have gotten a job, let alone an architectual position! Thats right, i helped the big man with Creation, bitchez!!
*clears throat*
Excuse me, that.. That was quite unproffessional. 
As i was saying. I was part of the drafting team for Creation. Laws were my assignment. Some of my colleagues discovered my disorder and claimed that it hindered my work.. But they are simply closed minded. 
As i said, laws were what i drafted. I drafted the laws of nature, gravity was a beauty. I drafted you're 'mathematics' multiplication, subtraction, algebra, logarithns... O.. Its gorgeous; so linear, fair.. symetrical.. Ooo i .. Think i was a little in heat from thinkin about that
Anyway! I also drew up relativity, atom structures, calculus. Why do you think a squared plus b squared equals hypotenyse squared? That was me! O i do love triangles..so crisp. 
All this on my sketch pad, and the Boss built it to my designs!
For the longest time, your kind had a hard time seeing my art. but in recent years, you blind fools have felt your way around much of my work, you have some understanding now. It seems u have 'scientists' with disorders similar to my own. 
But you are far from achieving full sight of my laws, my scultpure remains but a blurr to you because you cannot see my plans. You view my work without examining the underlying meaning. You separate philosophy and science in your heads.. My work was born of my disorder, a child so beatiful in every way.

Hope you liked it! I think it's pretty creative of my brother. I actually wrote a response to this, so if you're interested on a different take go check it out!

The End

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