My name is

A poem made out of my name. I'm kinda proud of this, because I don't feel like I brought myself down too much, nor did I build myself up too much (though mentioning my IQ might've been a little much.)

          M-elancholy, for I'm not the happiest person
           O-rdinary in many ways                                     
          R-oman is what my last name means             
           G-uitarists inspired me to learn guitar           
 A-rtistic is something I wish I was       
N-Neurotic in some ways                     
G-rasping hold of reality as of recently
A-wkward in social situations               
Y-ell so people don't forget I'm hear    
                               L-ame poetry comes comes from deep inside my mind
E-xcels in everything but math            

R-eclusive, I enjoy people's company, but don't somehow
O-ver estimate everyone, and underestimate myself           
M-usical, I live, breathe, and dream music                           
I-ntelligent (or should be) scored 140 on an IQ test         
N- ever have much faith in things I attempt                       
E-verything can change                                                          

The End

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