The Shoe-gap Lump-Fairy

Did you ever wonder, when you put on your shoes
And you find a lump inside
Where did it come from, this annoying addition?
Well the Shoe-gap Lump-fairy, this is her mission.

She is the one how finds the right pebble
And slips it into that gap in your shoe
Just the right spot, just under the toe 
The perfect place to annoy you. 

Of course, she's not as famous as her cousin
But she did a dentistry degree
Her neighbours the elves do all right for themselves
And she ruins their work jealously

Poor Shoe-gap Lump-fairy, so misunderstood
No-one ever have her a chance
Things might be different, if at pixie prom
Her crush had asked her to the dance

Instead the young pixie had asked the Tooth Fairy
To the degree-educated cow's squeals
So when you feel that pain in your sole
Remember what Vicky the Lump-fairy feels 

The End

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