Ollie Is Bright? Well...

Ollie's parents faced his teacher
At the recent PTA.
Olliie's dad, respected preacher,
wondered what she'd have to say.
Ollie's mum stood there a-glowing
For her son, her pride and joy.
But they had no way of knowing
How the school perceived their boy.

The teacher said:

You think Ollie is bright?  Well...
just wait; and I'll tell:

He cannot spell, he will not read,
He runs around as if on speed.
He burned the books and kicked the cooks,
and hangs around with well-known crooks.
He hits the tutors, carries shooters,
took a hammer to our computers.
I understand that Ollie planned
To set fire to our Steinway Grand.

He may be bright, but now, tonight,
It is my dubious delight
To tell you now, I don't know how
This school would any more allow
Your son to stay beyond today.
So, take your child and GO AWAY!

The End

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