Tad, Win Slow

Tad the tortoise called his Mama;
Told her of approaching drama.
With a friend he would be racing
And had worries for the pacing.
'My chum, you see, Ma, is speedy,
And for triumph he is greedy.
He's a hare, that's his advantage'
Ma replied, 'Son, here's an adage:

Tad, win slow.'

'How, dear Mother, can I win it,
When I walk a yard a minute?'
'Tad,' she said, 'Just keep your paces
Firm and steady. You'll win races,
Just you see.  I am your mother;
I know more than any other
that your talent is endurance.
This motto is your insurance:

Tad, win slow.'

Well, we all know how this ended:
Tad's slow victory march, so splendid
When he crossed the finish line. He
took the medal, gold and shiny,
While his friend, the hare, was fuming;
Rage, confusion all-consuming.
So cocksure, he'd stopped for dinner
And a snooze. Hey, he's no winner.

Tad won slow.

The End

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