Harry's Stock Rat

Here's the tale of Harry
What a lovely bloke
Ran a little pet shop
Loved by many folk.
Had so many furry
creatures,  birds and fish:
Hamsters, gerbils, parrots,
Minnows in a dish.

But his prize possession
Was a fine big rat
By the name of Christopher.
What d'ya think of that?
Glossy white and tan fur,
Bright black eyes, pink nose,
tail of several inches,
Twenty dinky toes.

When he did a stock-take
Chris was in the book
But never would he sell him,
Not by hook or crook.
Every night at five sharp
Harry'd take Chris  back
to his little house where
They would share a snack.

But one day, alas, an
Awful thing befell
Harry for his pet decided
to rebel.
Through the door he scampered
To the 'Bombay Dream'
Next door. It was lunchtime.
How Harry did scream.

Who knows why he scurried
to the restaurant
P'raps the smell of curry
Drove him to decamp.
When the chef saw Chris he
Tore his limbs apart.
Gone from Harry's stock-list...
Not from Harry's heart.

The End

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