Crazy S. Toaster

Crazy S. Toaster, aptly named
Though he don't toast bread, surely insane
Wearing his Wellingtons day in day out
Riding a tricycle round and about

Screaming at leprechauns and playing with fire
Baguette for his handlebars, bagel for his tire
Crazy S. Toaster steals your duvets
Sits on your children and hides your toupees

Defenstrates heirlooms and runs away snorting
Rants about time travel and teleporting
Eats your Petunias and stings all the bees
Throws carrots at your puppy and stones at your knees

Crazy S. Toaster was a menace to all
King of the loony hill, just wouldn't fall
Til Crazy S. Toaster once held his breath
Forgot to let go, and caused his own death

The End

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