Blue Jay


Blue Jay says to Yellow Zed
Are the kids washed and in bed?
And Zed says yes of course they be
Orange Ell and Fuchsia Cee
Are both sleeping happily

So Jay brings Zed and leaves the house
Quiet like a coloured mouse
Too see their friend Burgundy Kay
And Purple Em and Lime Green Ay
And also Le Vert Doobluhvay

And then begins the Alpha-Dance
A group of colours gaily prance
About the room in Alpha-Style
And then before too long a while
More letters come to join the pile!

Pinky Pee and Bumble Bee
Arrive just then for all to see
Followed closely by Red Oh
Who brought a Turquoise En, you know
And then comes Ess, both Brown and slow

The night goes on without a frown
Even when the dance slows down
And Jay and Zed and all their chums
Are sitting on their tired bums
While in their ears the music hums

They say fond farewells to each friend
The night is now quite at its end
But the next night will bring more fun
For at the setting of the sun
Crimson Two will dance with One!

The End

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