My Musical Bio

A bio I had to write for a performance... I posted it here manly for convenience for my director but also because it IS writing....

So this Alex Rodriguez kid, what is the deal?

I’ll tell you about him, and give you a feel…

He loves to read, and write, and act,

He’s been in 10 shows to be exact.

He wants to be a director and author as well

But his grammar needs work, and he cant really spell.

He’s won some awards for his filmaking skill

He’s only 18 yet he’s considering his will.

He’s by no means normal, if you tock he’ll tick.

He’s insane, but that’s good, and he’s so ee-cen-tric.

Unlike Coneybear being smart is no hard task

He graduated with honors, and a Darth Vader mask.

He’s going to Portugal, then to college next year,

Ladies he’s single! Get him while he’s here!

He can spin off poetry like nobody’s biz

He’s also a Lord of the Rings fan, geek and wiz

And don’t forget Star Wars! He loves that too!

Time for goodbye: May the Force Be With You!


The End

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