My Motherland – India

it is a descriptive poem...
a Journey which takes you to a trip of my country's glory..


To start with, its name is Ironical

It is known as Hindustan, or India

But as we all know, it is one of the world’s most diverse countries

With people, practicing different religions


Be it a Hindu, a Sikh or a Muslim

A Buddhist, Jain or a Christian

We all live here as you will see

And so shall you find for years and years to be


We all are diverse and so are our Gods

And so are our religious places and talks

People say, here reside thousands of Gods

And so do their millions of followers


My country, of course, is the residence of Hindus

You can find here all of our religious places

Dhams, Maths, Jyotirlings and others

Display our piousness and faith in god


We worship our rivers and also our trees

Thus thanking God in life’s every form

And also in the non living

Crazy about God but pure in our thoughts

That’s how we are, and so shall we remain


Sikhism is practiced here from hundreds  of years

And from then live their Gurudwara’s

Be it Shri. Nanak or maharaja ranjit singh

The Sikhs have contributed to both,

India’s faith and her valor




Looking back at India’s medieval times,

We find the Mughal’s invading her

Their era started and prosperity followed

And everything remained fair and just


India has given home to worlds greatest kings

And also to their great poets

Sufi's have spread their philosophies here

And architects through tombs, their art


India gave the world two new religions

Buddhism, being the first of the two

Gautama Buddha was born here, got enlightened too

And so did Buddhism emerge


Vardhaman Mahavir was another great preacher

Who converged the thoughts of Buddha

His followers are called the Jains

Who call themselves sons of different Tirthankars


Zoroastrians or Parsi’s, as they are called

came to India, with the Turks.

They pray to the fire, one of the five elements,

And go to Agyari's to do the same


The Portuguese came and the British came

And when they left, Christianity was here

St.Francis’ basilica or Mt. Mary’s Church

Mother Teresa’s life, yes all belong here


So you see, how culturally diverse India is

We also have lots of geographical diversities

Leading to so much biodiversity

The Western Ghats as you can see

                                             Has led to the discovery of so many new species


The Himalayas and the Nilgiris are the power house of rare Ayurvedic species

Kerala and its charm shall show you, how nature can be at its best

It has Munnar, whose lap is filled with brilliant mauve Neelakurinji





Orissa is the home, for migratory birds 

Even Madhya Pradesh gives home to their new species

Ladakh and Sikkim as you might know

Are beautiful places, with beautiful snow


The glaciers of rivers like Ganga Yamuna and Saraswati

Are not only beautiful but truly serene

Kovalam, Calangute, Marina, Kanyakumari

Are enthralling backwaters, famous all over the globe


This was just an outline. Visit India to experience more.

Intellect and astuteness as you might know

India has given to the world through her broods


She has given the world, great literatti as well

And Rabindranath Tagore is the best to tell


Now you know a lot about my part of the world

And how grateful I am for everything it has done

There are several other things, yet to be disclosed

You need to visit my country for it, she has lots in store.....


The End

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