My Mother...

I don't know about you, but my mother is always with me..

It's a type of feeling, like no other feeling, meaning that no one could make me feel like how she does, in the way that she does, by the little things that she'd do, just to prove that she loves me. 

God must have been up to something.. God obviously knows more than I do. Just to conjure up, glue together, and make do.. someone just for me. Someone who would put the jersey on and would cheer for me because she brings the crowd. She puts the L-O-U-D in the harmonics of being loud even when I don't want to listen. 

But I hear her. I hear her honesty.. I heard her the many times she told me that she'd forever stand in my corner, because Dad was either sometimes, anytime, or never there. I heard her the many times she told me these boys aren't for me ¨You're a queen, you need a King.¨ I can hear her words echoing inside my head, again and again and again...

But her voice calming like the sound of the breeze that dances between leaves. Her aroma like sweet vanilla when I embrace her, a warm umber takes the place of her skin, like mine.. Her eyes a deep brown, filled with hope and good intention when she looks at me looking at her, seeing myself... I am my mother's daughter, and she is me. 

She is every part, that makes up these words coming out of me but silently. Because without her, where would I be? The more I grow, the more I know that it will be time for me to leave. Though honestly, I don't want to. Though honestly, she's been everything to me. 

And I thank God for creating her so divergently.. so wondrously. 

Just know, that when the day comes and it's time for me to go, you'll always be here...

Inside me.


-For Mama ¨Happy Mother's Day¨


The End

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