My Mind

The days are long and the nights even longer

Left alone with my thoughts I sit and ponder

There are so many different things inside my mind

Its dangerous you never know what you might find

It could meet you kind

If you come at the right time

But that could all change at a drop of dime

Who know which me You’ll meet next

There is anger…sadness or me depressed is next

Its so complex

Am I confusing you?

Can you tell which me you’re talking to

How many are there….1? 2? 3? 4?

I really don’t know for sure

I’m not sure if I’ve even met them all

So many me’s

HEY!!! Shut Up Please!

I’m trying to talk

Each one has a different thought

That’s why you should never leave me alone for any amount of time

You really don’t know what you will find

                                                        But hey that’s my mind

The End

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