My Memories

My Memory is Fading

The days and nights are passing
too quickly,
For I can scarcely remember the last time
I wrapped you in fragile skin:
warm, and easily breakable.
Shallow veins and arteries pumping for you,
Capillaries assimilating the essence of you,
as if you were a nutrient
necessary for sustaining life

but I am still alive.

These nights I reach for empty air where
your scent lingers on the unwashed sheets;
on the shirt you left behind
like a gift.
The days are not as golden as the
ochre islands
that once brightly held my love,
and i cannot see as clearly for that.

So I wish things would slow down.
My bones are breaking and cracking and
ceasing is the sound of
quiet breathing
beside me.

It scares me,
that i am forgetting.

The End

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