My Magic Wish List

I’m at a loss for words which for me means I have nothing to write so I lay here day dreaming of things I wish I could do….


I wish I could buy the clouds or a piece of sky, sail the seven seas or simply know what its like to die. I wish I could climb the biggest tree or make sushi the new cure for a disease, perhaps even convince my mom not to serve me green peas. I wish there was magic in my hands so I could last the longest in a handstand. I could beat the world record and sign my name, I wonder what it’s like to be the fame. I wish I could learn to write without my own hind sight and maybe if I listen right I could learn to defend myself, I could learn to fight.  I wish I owned a red Ferrari or could claim I went to the world’s biggest party. I wish I owned my own big mall and there’d be no fees at the fancy front stall. I wish I owned a big sauna or met the man who married Madonna.

 I wish I had a lot of things but these things just can’t be, who knows what’s next to add on my wishing list, maybe the next tester of French Brie.


The End

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