Awake at Midnight-and-a-Half

The train wreck you see

Crashed by accident

Ch ch ch ch, 

In a purposeful maneuver

Ch ch ch ch, it couldn't stop moving, running, it was racing,

Driven down the path of sleepless




And assignments and worksheets

Can't keep avoiding

But I could, I wish I had

I wish I could hear people sing

And I wish I could write

Freedom, and write, freedom I. I, I;

I wish people could think, between the ages of six and twenty

I wish we were people too, me and you

And not servants to the reputation of a school

Echoing through the hallways is the chorus "kill me now"

Are we still joking? After all these years

Of hurt and hurt

And hurt

And hurt

(Do we still think the fact that all students hated and forgetted school is just the problem of some next generation?)

Give me revival

A re-alive-al,

A resurrection after twelve grades in the tomb.

Give me freedom or give me doom.

The End

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