my lungs aren't large enough for all the worries i've stored up

my time
seems like a ticking clock
imprinted on the backs of my eyelids

my eyes hurt from staring at the screen
as i pen out notes
with hands that refuse to release the pencil

i hate this. 
and how does that bode well for university?
my mother says she'll pay for my first year, 
but i don't know about after. 

i feel like i'm still a little kid, 
eight years old with the world in my hands, 
wanting to squeeze just to see what'll happen. 

it's 1 o'clock in the morning, 
and i'm doing nothing with my life. 

what courses do i even want to take?
i guess something to do with English, 
and preferably something to do with herpetology. 

but hell if i know. 

i just want to hightail it out of here
and find a way to breathe without familiar city lights
and grimy streets paired with stale cigarette smoke

yet i know that i don't know what i'm doing 
so i guess i better figure it out soon. 

The End

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