My Loving Pet

Its all about how you go for morning walks and on your way you meat your best friend - The Street Dog, who has a name given by you. I hope you like it!!!

Once I saw a shivering dog,

it wasn't clear as there was fog.

So, I went near him,

Oh my god! he was so thin

I thought of giving him the biscuits in my hand,

Oh! so cold, they fell in the sand.

The next day I brought a band with me,

He was still shivering under the tree.

He was so cute, so small, so fluffy'

I couldn't stop myself calling him 'Tuffy'.

Now, he was my good friend,

the whole day, with him, I would spend,

I thought, now, that we knew each other,

I should ask my mother and  brother.

Unbelievable! they gave me the permission,

from then I started the 'Dog Mission'.

Then I bought a dog house,

and brought Tuffy after dealing with the mouse,

We went for long walks,

but mom asked me to see the clocks.

In a few days, he was all set,

that's how I made my pet.

The End

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