My Love, Who Does Not Leave

An Italian Sonnet.

My heart he broke. I feared it would not mend.

My gift he stole, and left me far behind.

No hope of joy--No peace was I to find.

The world was dark, my grief too great to fend.

I sat me down and wept, my heart did rend

In two, too weak to fight, too loose to bind.

I saw the end in sight--it was not kind.

I prayed, I cried, I pled for God to send

The one my heart would need to make it heal,

The man who loves and does not stress the soul.

He came at last--my Love, who does not leave.

Begin again, my life, my love--a seal

Set firm. Breathe free, loosed soul. Look up, the goal

Has been secured-- reward of love received. 

The End

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