My Love, My Best Friend

Sitting at my desk, thinking of you,

I pick up my pen to write for you.

And though this act is now routine to me

The thought of your beauty always dazzles me!

You entered my life like a dash of spring in the air,

Made me feel that my life is finally being fair.

I began thinking of you, day and night,

In the darkness that surrounded my life, you came as a ray of light.

I was a stranger to such immense joy before,

I was lost at sea and you were the approaching shore.

Your very voice gives me immense pleasure,

Everything you say I cherish like the rarest treasure.

My life became beautiful and gay,

Everything seems to be going my way!

Though I try hard to describe in ink,

All the wonderful things of you that I think,

I get lost in thoughts of your deep dark eyes,

For they are those of an Angel in disguise.

I sigh at the thoughts of your dark heavy hair,

And your sweet scent that cleanses the air.

I feel like you were made for me,

Our friendship determined by destiny.

For how else can I explain to you

The overpowering love I feel for you?

Though we are many miles apart,

You will always be a part of my heart,

And I shall love you until my life ends

Not as a lover, but one of my truest friends!

The End

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