My Love For You

In my heart, I keep you.
In my mind, I dream you.
In my soul, I need you.

My beautiful darkness, when my world is too bright.
My ray of light, when the darkness takes my sight.
Like a soft rose loves a sharp thorn.
Like a black and white picture captures a colourful world.

With my lips, I kiss you.
With my eyes, I see you.
With my body, I feel you.

My hope, in a cruel world.
My smile, in a depressed morn.
Like a bright shell in black waves.
Like one white star in the deep depths of space.

All my love, I give you.
All I need, is you.
You are my heart,
My soul,
My body, mind, and spirit.

© 2015 Alicia Wilson

The End

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