My Love Confession

This is a narrative poem about love and the feeling I get around those "special" girls.

Love is like a sweet puppy so youthful and full of love for everything but can lash out too. This is the confession of my heart when I experienced the cute puppy's vision in glory:

She is pure, untainted beauty; like the powerful and magnificent eagle. Simply soaring through the slightly scary storm. The Sun braces her though, on her unforgiving flights and lifts her above the clouds.

Sleet, her silver tears that bring hope and bear such anger. But in her element, she is beautiful, a gem or facet on the glimmering diamond that is my heart. She is my dream, an elegant, fleet woman who glides with grace.

By a single candle, her love shines brightest in the dark. Her seduction and enticing is silent, she requires only an ignited smile. Her hair flows in a lushious, golden plume that lures all that beholds her. To me, she is  a supreme goddess that struck me long ago. There is no one above her enchanting position.

Everyday, every year, may I find her strolling, but if  she admires from afar, it keeps my heart swooning. When we do embrace, she might not stop talking. She might babble to others but to me, I desire to be lost in her mellifluous voice. Even if I don't receive a breath, I just stare into her endless, colourful eyes.

Finally, I may compare her to a flame, warm and soothing. Tempt her too much and her searing fire may grow. Her laughs holler on from the flame. Her soft plum-like face flies out and I fearfully follow like a frightened child but then I recognise... it could only be one thing, my lover calling in the night.

Now I may like many things, I may get distracted from time to time. However, if I take the time to write a sweet love confession, doesn't that show what I love the most... her!

The End

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