my love,

Some people go their whole life craving the lips of someone they can’t get

While others mourn knowing they’ve lost the one they thought would be theirs forever.


Forever is a long time,

But you have stolen my heart in this victimless crime,

 You will never know just how important you are to me,

Its impossible to make you see,

What you do to me.


You see, I want you, I need you, I crave you,

Youre my baby, my everything, far more than my boo,

The tears, the sadness, the pain, the heartbreak,

Everything ive been through,

I now see that it was all worth it,

more than I would’ve thought, I have to admit.


My love, I want to fall slowly asleep in your cradling arms,

To the peaceful sound of your persistent heartbeat,

I want you to kiss my forehead with your soft lips,

moments like those will forever be on my mind, on repeat.


A year might not be long enough,

And I know this will be incredibly tough,

But staying with you is the only option,

I have fallen so hard, so unbelievably fast,

Baby, I need this to last.

The End

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