My Love

My love is a fire

A consuming, crackling, cozy fire

On a cold, dark December night

A blazing fire

Giving off and illuminating, incandescent glow

And a moderate, comfortable heat

Reaching out to you

Beautifully beckoning you

Inviting you

Enticing you

Seducing you

Drawing you


Ever closer 

To me

My love is a warmth

Radiant, magnetic, hospitable warmth

Taking you in from the cold

Embracing you

Enveloping you

Pervading and suffusing throughout

The very fabric of you soul

Permeating throughout

The very essence of your being

My warmth becomes your warmth

My glow becomes your glow

And before we know it

We are both smiling beatific smiles

Transmitting love's light

Emanating from the deepest, darkest places 

Of ourselves

And we are


The End

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