My Loss

Sometimes, It's just not meant to be.


I know this moment is fleeting

I know this time it's gone

I know this world keeps moving

I know I can't stand still


A silent whisper, you appear so near

A subtle wave, you're free to be

A soft caress,  your silky paws

A shattered dream you weave, and leave


Miss hearing your purring, and

Miss scratching your hair, but

Miss you grasping tightly so, because

Miss you now, forever more


May you find what you are searching for

May you find your way back home

May you find me here waiting

May you find me here alone


For you, my friend, I write this

For you, my friend, I see

For you, my friend, I understand

For you, my friend, I'll wait


For you, wherever you are.

The End

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