My Lord, My Savior

This isn't my typical poem style, hope you like!

     Come my lord,
     My thoughts you may explore.
     Prithee my lord join me anon,
    and lift my burdens, they are baleful.
    for you I would die a thousand deaths,
     before I would let you fall,
    and let your enemy prevail.
    Believe me when I say,
     I shall not lay thy head,
     down on the devils pillow,
     but kneel at the feet,
     of my lord,
     for he is not my superior,
     but my savior.
     He hath come forth,
     and given me the strength,
     I had not yet acquired.
     My lord is soft spoken,
     never once raised, his mighty voice.
     Prithee my lord,
     before me show them,
     what I speak of, prithee.
     Show them you are tried,
     and true, prithee.

     But now my lord,
     I must bid a farewell,
    as I past form bade,
    to see my lord once more,

The End

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