My long distance love

The pleasant breeze of early morning

The birds’ chirping sweet and calming

The water waves which are making my feet wet

Carries me back to the moment when we met

Thinking of our love and our bliss

You I miss even more


Your romantic dialogues which are sappy

Are the ones that never fail to make me happy

Your crazy pick up lines which are cheesy

Makes my toughest day instantaneously easy

Thinking of your life saving kiss

You I miss even more


The ‘I love you’s and ‘take care’s you say over phone

In your loving and caring tone

Stimulates my tear gland and make me cry

To control them i never try

Thinking of your stupid smirk and idiotic grin

You I miss even more


I am ready to cross all these seas and mountains

Which separates us, to drench in your love fountains

This distance between us fails to make our love less

But without you, my life is a total mess





The End

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