My Little Glimpse of Heaven

This is about love, marriage and being forever thankful for having someone who loves you :) (Sadly I haven't written this from experience!)


To feel that ring upon my finger,

To hear wedding bells ring aloud.

My mind is baffled to see you there,

My heart solemn and proud.


To wake next to you each morning,

With that smile across your face.

That smile brings light to all my world,

It’s the closest thing to grace.


It’s going wherever you need me,

No matter how near or how far.

It’s knowing every little thing,

That makes you who you are.


It’s going to special places,

Hand in hand all the while.

It becomes my life ambition,

Just to make you smile.


I feel warm in your embrace,

Safe between your arms.

We’ve nothing left to fear for,

With you I’m still and I’m calm.


It’s being exactly what I am,

It’s being me, only me.

And you love me despite my faults,

We can be what we want to be.


But sometimes things don’t go right,

And sometimes love is bad.

I give to you a simple answer:

Just remember the times we’ve had.


Yet sometimes I stay silent,

I don’t know what to say.

So I simply stay with you,

In the night, the dawn and the day.


I can’t describe this feeling,

This feeling down in my heart.

All I can say to you is

I can’t imagine being apart.


To feel that ring upon my finger,

As our hearts do intertwine.

It’s my little glimpse of heaven,

Just to know you’re mine...

The End

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