My Light Has Gone

 walk out, far away into the trees
Trying to leave the pain behind
Searching for, a place to hide, a Place to sleep

In the clearing I give it my all
Sealing my fears in the stone
As I build, brick by brick, the solitary walls

The day grows quiet and into the night
The stars come out
But they don't shine, not tonight

Tonight I am Alone
With nothing but the cold
Which chills me to the bone

Your face haunts my sight, all of it
Your laughter seems so very close
Leaving me feeling, disconsolate

I close my eyes and begin to sleep
This cold earth, my somber bed
The nightengales sing, for me they weep

No more shall I hear
The sweet music of happiness
For I'll be swallowed, by all this fear

I don't see the light
My light has gone
Ive lost this fight

Abandoned by the sun
The moon and stars
The final song, has just been sung

In the great tragedy that is life
The players take their final bows
And ends the doleful whispering strife

My light has gone, all of it
Your leaving me
Evermore disconsolate.

The End

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