My Lifes Hunger Game

A poem about my struggle with drugs.

I'm watching everything slip away,

Its always the same, its always the same.

Suspended in the balance of my day to day,

I need an escape, I need an escape.

And the drugs they call my name,

The sirens song, the devils game,

They ask me if I want to play,

What to say, what to say?

They've got me by my shadows,

and they won't let go.

They remind me of what once was,

I know! I know!

I can't shake you off,

And I can't be rid of you.

 Whats a weak will to do?

What's a weak will to do?

The silence is so loud it sticks on deaf ears.

I can hear, I can hear,

Relentlessly baiting, calling, waiting,

Getting near, getting near.

They thrive in my secrets,

 They know! They know!

They feed on them,

And won't let go.

I can't get away,

I need an escape.

 I've become a player,

In a dangerous way.

I beg them to go, 

I beg them to stay.

Its an exhausting game,

Of love and hate.

Fill my hunger,

ease my pain,

Make the lonely go away.

Fighting for your freedom,

In the front line on judgement day,

No one really wins,

In real life's hunger games.

The End

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