My life is in your hand...continued..

Maybe I misread your thoughts

They were all true but it was I who fought

Fought against you and against all that was right

And never trying to keep pace with your plight


You softly showed your finger at all my mistakes

I always shrewdly pointed, putting your ego at stake

I am too tired of asking you to forgive me

As always, this is again, what you’ll hear from me


Baby, I’m sorry, I promise this won’t happen again

Do you think hurting you shall give me anything other than pain?

Oh! Please don’t deprive me of whatever I have got

Yes! You are my only asset…you are all I’ve got



People always say, “Before leaping, look”

I never did so and that’s where I mistook

Mistook you for a person who can bear all the pain

I thought of forgetting you but it was all in vain


Yes I’m sure of what you mean to me

My life is in your hand and will always be

The End

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