My life is in your hand

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Staying away from you has been my nightmare

Without you my each breath is full of despair

I wish I had never accepted you as a friend

As I did not know it would have such a sad end


Days passed and you became my best friend

I hurt you sometimes, I swear I did not intend

We kept losing touch as I went away

A body without soul in this world I lay


I returned and we were not much close

I chose to forget you, yes I chose

Days passed and we were close again

You were always there to take all my pain


It was this time when at first we talked

Your words, in my brain, forever chalked

You slowly became a special part of my life

With you with me I had to never strive


Life seems damn easy when I am with you

Not actually me but my soul was with you

I fear that we are far too close

Only one thing scares me as every second goes


It is the fear of going away from you

And of the thought, that what I may do!

You had made my life heaven when it was a mess

Without you I will surely be in distress


If I only I could express

That whenever I am in distress

Your only thought lights up my face

Remain with me and keep killing my disgrace


No words can express our bond

Our relationship has now wandered  beyond

From what it earlier used to be

It is you with whom I always want to be

The End

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