My Life is a Lana Del Rey songMature

My life is a Lana Del Rey song

My life is a season of Skins

There's a war between my head and heart

That I cant seem to win

My life is the first cup of coffee

My life is the last cigarette

There's a letter in my mailbox

That I'm trying to forget

My life is a four am phone call

My life is a one night stand

There's a demon in my mind 

And we are walking hand in hand

My life is a quote from Hamlet

My life is a car ride at night

There's a singer on the radio

Saying everything's alright

My life is a midnight confession

My life is a seven inch heel

There's a prayer on the tip of my tongue

But I cant seem to kneel

My life is a Lana Del Rey song

My life is another tattoo

There's a voice inside my head

Screaming who the fuck are you? 

The End

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