Chicken Cries Tonight

Basil, vinegar, wine, and lemon juice
Various items not recommended for use
Over papercuts, drowning the room

In scents, smells, stenches, odors, aromas.
That funny way that dinner has
Of revealing itself to the nose

Before the mouth, for all its curves and plumpness
And the paint slapped onto it
And traces of kisses around the edges.

I take one whiff
One thought comes to mind:
Chicken tonight.

Chicken, in all its defeathered glory
Robbed of its life
Passes its gift onto us

Ignorant humans. We build slaughterhouses
We ignore the pain, the agony and the blood.
We treat other animals like things

Like a book
Or a crayon
Or a nail

Chicken. Oh, but it's mouth-watering, delicious!
Succulently cooked up, coated with kosher salt
Seasoned with lemon juice and spices

No regrets for the killing
Are we willing
To grant when we take the first bite.

In pens
There will be chicken cries tonight.

The End

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