Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder, Fondness Makes The Absence Longer

I thought I saw your face this morning

Staring at me through the glass

A faded mist surrounded it

As I begged the image to last


But as I sit here in between

These four cold walls that hold me in

All I can think of is the day

When I'll return to you again


The only people that I've seen

For days now, are the men in coats

They come and go, but never stay

Asking me questions that seem quite strange


And then they told me that you were gone

They asked if I realized that you were dead

But you can't be, you were so full of life

You're voice often still appears in my head


The windows are covered with thick steel bars

There once was glass there, but I shattered it

They took away the pills and the knife

And the gun I had under my pillow


And all I ever wanted

Was to join you in the sky

Or wherever it is that people go

The people who, as they say, die


I needed you, and I still do

As this ache inside grows stronger

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Fondness makes the distance longer

The End

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