A Sheep, A Poet, and A Boy Named Sue

Oh darling Sue, will you care to climb
The stairs, into the attic,
And get me my glasses from behind
Your grandpa's old walking stick?

A Boy named  Sue trudges up the stairs,
Into an attic, haunted by
His mind's own fears,
And when he cares to properly look
He sees a sheep, with a poetry book.

He cries, Oh Grandma!
There's an awkward thing up here,
There's a strange old lamb, with your glasses on
Reading the poetry of Edward Lear!

Old Granny replies, Oh yes, don't you know?
The sheep is a poet, my own personal one.
He writes me a sonnet, everyday,
A limerick, and a devilish pun!

This was way too much for the poor old boy,
The boy named Sue to handle.
He fainted, and fell down the stairs,
The poor victim of a scandal!

The End

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